Poetry Noir Exploring universal moments in black-and-white films with poetry.
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Poetry Noir is sponsored by the Montgomery County Poet Laureate Program (MCPL) which promotes a sense of accomplishment and pride among students, artists, and citizens who choose to participate. The program benefits the county by building a long-term infrastructure for literary advancements in our community, in our schools and in our homes.

There are many ways you can support the MCPL:

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Visit our Online Store and purchase MCPL products online. Portions of the proceeds benefit the MCPL Program.
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PoetryNoir is founded and run by Eric Medlin and Joanne Leva. Joanne Leva is the Executive Director of the Montgomery County Poet Laureate Program (MCPL). Eric Medlin is the MCPL web manager and also maintains several film-related websites including Ozu-san.com, In the Mood For Images, and A2P Cinema.



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Poetry Noir is presented by the Montgomery County Poet Laureate Program
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